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Melanin Fitness Nation and Melanin Crossfitters’ mission is to serve diverse communities, provide access to nutrition information, physical fitness education, and wellness resources. Our goal is to promote life-long health & wellness, encourage varied exercise, and share knowledge about proper nutrition. Melanin Crossfitters is committed to enriching the lives of those who avail themselves of its services and facilities.

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Melanin Crossfitters LLC and/or are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by CrossFit® or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries.

For full disclaimer, please visit our “Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer” page.


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  • Sleep Help June 19, 2021
    I have been waking up intermittently while sleeping. I don’t stay awake for long and sometimes I don’t even remember it but I have a sleep tracker and it says I’m awake for an hour or more. I understand that this isn’t 100% accurate but I do feel that it is affecting my ability to […]
  • West Coast Classic Live Semi-Final Day Two Discussion Thread June 19, 2021
    West Coast Classic Home Page Individual Events Team Events Schedule - Times in Pacific Time (ET+3/UTC-7) Instagram Pre-show Live Stream Leaderboard Event 3: 2019 Ruck Run 2.0 For time: 6,000-m ruck run Women: (10/30/40/50lb)(~4.5/13.5/18/23kg), increasing each lap Men: (20/40/50/60lb)(~9/18/23/27kg), increasing each lap Event 4: Triple-G Chipper 2017 For time: 100 Pull Ups 80 GHD Sit […]
  • Nutrition Coaching? June 19, 2021
    I'd love some feedback on what programs everyone has used. My local box offers it and people who have tried had overall good results. It's $300 which seems like a lot, but I'm ready to invest in something that will help me dial everything in. submitted by /u/rescuespibbles [link] [comments]
  • Smaller sized vest plates June 19, 2021
    Got my hands on a vest a while back, along with two 4kg plates for a total of 9kg. I’m looking for more weight options, preferably in plate form and not as a MOLLE attachment. However I’ve noted that my plates are slightly smaller than the EDC plates I’ve found online (EDC being 25x31 cm, […]
  • Beginner at CrossFit - would love some tips! June 19, 2021
    Hello! I started CrossFit about 2 months ago. I’m loving the community so far. I (23F) started at 139lbs, 5’2. I currently feel great. I’ve actually gained 2lbs. I’m trying to not let it bother me, as I used to with the scale in the past. My body composition hasn’t changed hugely, I usually go […]
  • Thinking of going to open gym for the first time today: what do I do without the structure of the WOD? June 19, 2021
    submitted by /u/Exrudis [link] [comments]
  • Self-Promotion Saturday - 19 Jun 2021 June 19, 2021
    Go ahead and use this post to show us your vlogs, blogs, or shirts or whatever you've made! submitted by /u/Flowseidon9 [link] [comments]
  • Did Noah Ohlsen sign with Inov-8? June 19, 2021
    We all know that Noah is now a Gym Shark athlete in terms of clothing but, what about shoes? He is competing at the West Coast Cassic wearing Inov-8 sneakers. What do you think? ​ submitted by /u/ijespada [link] [comments]

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