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Welcome to Melanin Fitness Nation !!


Thank you for your virtual visit to Melanin Fitness Nation(MFN). We hope that you enjoyed your workout today, if you haven’t worked out be sure to get to it! If its your rest day ENJOY IT! We are so happy that you are interested in seeking some of the greatness we are working on here at MFN. Whether you’re a person of color or an Ally we would love to serve as your health and wellness resource.


We have many resources available here in the event that you are:
  • Looking to get healthy
  • Beginning your fitness journey
  • Need credible resources: (Personal Trainers, Crossfit Coach, Therapist, Nutritionist, Weightlifting coach, workouts and more)
  • Training for a sport and seeking improvement
  • Looking to test your fitness on the competition floor ( We host some of the most diverse competitions that consist of High Intensity Training that are amazing)
  • And much more!

No matter what step you are on in your fitness journey or just starting or somewhere in between. We would love for you to take a closure look to see how we can assist you in being the best version of yourself. We want to cheer for you and share in your success! 

Let’s GO!  


2021 Melanin Crossfitter of the Year: 

Cassey Burrell